Conditions of Use

Purchasing from me

All sales of digital products on digitalfantasyworld.com are final and non-refundable. By completing your purchase, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and are not entitled to a refund, regardless of the reason why. By shopping with me, you accept the following terms and conditions. Please make sure you understand and agree to them before you purchase any of my designs.

As a buyer, you are not acquiring the ownership of the original images, but you are acquiring the right to use them under certain conditions.

By purchasing from me, you are licensing design resources which are meant to be incorporated into ‘derivative’ designs. I retain all copyrights to the enclosed materials.

Do NOT include in any other collections for sale or for free.

You may NOT sell these on any auction site or any personal site.

You may NOT redistribute these on any free sharing site.

You may NOT include these in any CD collection or for any download.

You may NOT share any of my work after purchase these have been purchased by you so are for your use only. I will find out and I will hunt you down!

These may NOT be redistributed in any way other then (see below)

The images MAY be used for any personal and commercial projects as long as they are not used 'as they are' please read further down for other terms in my license

This means you must incorporate them into other images or put your own elements before you can claim them as derivative designs.

The images MAY be incorporated into personal and commercial designs and you may sell your work as 'derivative' works providing the original image and the elements of the original image cannot be extracted from your finished work. With the exception of work stating CU4PU

The images May NOT be shared with friends or on any file sharing sites.

You may NOT redistribute them or claim them as your own.

This is what you can do with my any of my CU work (there are hundreds of items to choose from!)

             To Use Free
             Personal Use Only
             Not to be sold
             Not for Sharing
             Not for Commercial use of any Kind

Personal Use
             Personal Use Only
             Not to be resold
             Not for Sharing
             Not for Commercial use of any Kind

Commercial Use
             Can be used for personal and Commercial Use
             Commercial Use items that you make from my CU
             items can be sold as CU, if you wish to sell CU4CU
             then you must hold my CU4CU license (please see below)
             Not for sharing

             Can be used to make items for personal use, Commercial Use and CU4CU
             Can be sold as CU4CU as long as you have purchased my CU4CU License which
             is available from my main store https://digitalfantasyworld.com or from other
             stores I work for, this license is a lifetime license once purchased you need
             never purchase it again the license gives you more freedom allowing you to sell any
             of my CU items for CU4CU ~ Not to be sold as they are you will need to add other
             elements to your designs, kits, sheets, greeting cards, backgrounds etc

             For kits if you have the license you have unlimited use of my work for example
             there is no set amount of my work you can use within your kits but you will still
             need to add other elements within the kit not just use all of my work in your kit but there is no
             set amount you have unlimited use


Additional Information: Backgrounds are JPG files. To open them you will need any software that supports JPG format. Png and png scenes are on transparent backgrounds making it easy for you to simply drop into your design

I am only ever an email away so if there is something your unsure of or if you want to ask me something then please do email me, the quickest way of getting in touch is to use my email kayshalady1@sky.com

If there is something you would like to use my work for that is not covered in the above then please do get in touch, I try to keep my terms as easy as possible I am always flexable and nine times out of ten I will say yes but I like to know where my work is being used. So all you need to do is ask me!!

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