Update on my terms of use November 2015

From November 2015 from now on all work you create using my backgrounds, png scenes, png tubes, card making etc must be credited to me, please don't tell me you can't do this if you are unable to credit me on the site you are working for or selling on then you can credit me on your own license/terms of use. I am fed up of people using my designs/work and not bothering to credit me. This is how I make my living and support my family so I am now insisting crediting me is a must. Please don't credit me using kayshalady no one can find me using my designer name in that way.  Please see below different ways you can credit me.

1. https://digitalfantasyworld.com

2. christine hart c/o digitalfantasyworld.com

I really don't want to come down hard and be demanding in any way but I work long hours creating different designs for you to use and I always keep my terms very flexible, word of mouth is very important to me as I don't advertise as such, it may seem a very simple thing crediting a designer and basically it is simple but it is so important for others to see where the raw graphics originally comes from ~ thank you for your understanding if you have any questions I am only ever an email away ~ kayshalady1@sky.com



I am an EU customer can I still purchase from you?

Yes! However we need to do things a little differently! With the new laws now out I am no longer able to allow the shopping cart to send you the link for your purchased product. I will need to send you the download link manually, and not as an instant download. If you try to purchase direct from the store you will receive a message saying 'sorry we do not ship to 'your area' at this time this is when you need to email me your order and I will take care of the rest for you. Please don't let it put you off from ordering it is really quite simple doing it the new way!

So how does this work then?

All you need to do is send me an email with the product(s) you would like to purchase, I will then send you your download link which you download in the same way and save to your computer just as before.

So what is the difference?

The difference being is offering an instant download from the shopping cart, with the new law in place it means small stores like myself have the major headache of having to register with 28 differet countries with 75 different taxes! This involves major paperwork and keeping things on file for over 10 years so they are making it impossible for small stores to be able to do this.

So after a lot of research providing I send you the link manually it stops this major headache and immense paperwork involved and I can still offer you really competitive prices so you can continue with your designs.

So when will I get my download?

As soon as I receive your email letting me know what item(s) you would like, Paypal will send you details on how to pay this is very quick and very easy it is like a little invoice you have the full security of knowing Paypal handles your payment (like Ebay payments) I then send you the download link. I am online every single day so your download link will be with you quickly ~ please remember the time differences between us I do have to go to sleep at some point!! And that is all there is too it so very easy but we just need to do it this way so you can still shop with me. If you want to ask me anything I am only ever an email away and you can contact me here kayshalady1@sky.com

All other None EU Customers

When do I get my download?

Your download will be instant as soon as the shopping cart registers payment this is ususally straight away, you will see the download link in your account area.

There seems to be an error the download link isn't working?

This can happen sometimes when a file can become corrupted for no apparent reason. I will always repair any file that are not working correctly so you can shop with confidence all you have to do is email me let me know what the problem is and it will be sorted for you.

All Customers FAQ

Can I use your products commercially?

Most of my designs you can use commercially but please pay attention in the discription as occassionally a product may only be used for personal use or you may use commercially but your customers can only use it for personal use, so please always read the discription.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes please email me for details letting me know what it is your looking for?

I emailed you but you haven't answered me why?

I normally aim to answer all emails within 24 hours, but occassionaly it can take a little longer for various reasons, I may not be online as I do have a life away from designing and the computer! I am also a wife and mom and I also have a diabetic dog I need to care for. So occassionally I may not be online all day everyday.

Also please check your junk folder as sometimes emails like to hide there! If I haven't got back to you within 48 hours then please do email me again, occassionally emails can go to wherever emails like to go to when they say 'sent' but don't arrive! Please be kind if you haven't heard from me I am human and I do have feelings so don't be nasty!

Once I have purchased my item(s) can I share them with another family member?

No, you may not share any purchased files as that would not be fair to other customers who are spending their hard earned money, the purchased item is for you and you only.

Can you show me how to use Photoshop I am used to . . . . . . (various other programes)

I really do not have the time to do this but there are many tutorials on the net which will show you how to use Photoshop, it has taken me a very long time to learn and to be honest it is a learning curve that carries on! Even after ten years of using Photoshop I sometimes surprise myself and find a 'better way' of doing something! The only advice I can give is to keep playing and you will soon get the hang of it.

I ordered the wrong product can I change it?

No, sorry but due to the nature of digital downloads I am unable to offer a refund ~ no matter what the reason is. All the images for all packs are clearly shown so you know what your getting in any particular pack.

I want to send a gift to my friend so they can purchase what they want from the store can I do that?

Yes please email me and I can sort that out for you, I have many customers who want to use gift certificates.

Can I recolour and resize your designs?

Yes you can change colours and sizes so you make the item suitable for your own needs.

I have just brought a new computer or my computer broke or I lost my files can you send them to me again?

Bascially no which I know may sound a bit unkind the reason is within your account area you do have five downloads for all products you purchase so you should be able to download your files even if you change your computer or loose your files, it is for this reason you should always make a back up on disc so you will always have them in the event of any future problems.

I lost my password can you send me another one?

I am unable to send you it direct as I don't know it! The store holds that information but you can easily change your password by clicking 'forgotton password'

Is everything safe when shopping with you?

Yes you are very secure I do not hold any of your banking information or card numbers all of this is done through the shopping cart and Paypal, so you can shop with me in total confidence. The new laws regarding SSl certifcates this site is fully secure with upto date certificates you will see the green padlock when on Google so you know this site is totally secure. I take security very seriously and protecting all my customers

I noticed you have changed a few things like CU4CU/CU4PU why have you done this?

I have recently started making different designs for example greeting cards and Decoupage sheets and scrapbooking kits, so to adhere to all license terms I have had to add the CU (commercial use terms) to all my products. The reason for this is I may have purchased an element or tube from a designer whose terms of use is different to mine. Some designers allow commercial use but want you to sell your work to your customer for personal use only. So when you see CU4PU this means you may sell your work using my design but your customer can only use it for PU (Personal Use).

CU4CU ~ Items stating this can be used for commercial use for commercial use, so you may use my designs to create a commercial use item (not 'as is') and your customer can also create something from your design for commercial use too.

Can I use your designs for scrap kits I sell?

Yes, you can use all products with the label CU for scrap kit design

Can I use CU elements 'as is'?   

 No, you can use them in a derivative manner, please see the condition of use

Can I use your designs for greeting card sheets?

Yes, you can use every product with the label CU/ for greeting card sheets you sell, but please read my conditions of use

Can I use your product for free kits or giveaway's I want to offer?

No, this is not covered by my license terms

I am having trouble with downloading the zip files?

I am sorry you experienced this problem and I will help you to get your download. If possible - please send a screenshot of the error message you received to kayshalady1@sky.com, I will contact you asap (please regard the time difference if you live outside the UK.)














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