Photoshop tutorials and Fantasy photomanipulations


You will need a video play back software to watch this video there are so many it really is down to personal choice which one you either have or use. Most computers comes with a video player but if you don't already have one you can download Gom player this is totally free to use to download and install Gom Player (http://player.gomlab.com/eng/download/) or search Google to find one you like.

To play the video right click the video file and then select 'open with' and browse for Gom Player which will be in your programes list or whichever player you have chosen to use.

In my video I have worked slow so you can follow along but you can slow the player down by using X if you feel it is going to fast, simply hit X on your keyboard a few times until you have the play back you are happy with. To reset the player simply use Z, of course these buttons maybe different if your using a different player!

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